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PAULTRA2 - Frigidaire Refrigerator Air Filter

Regular Price: CA$24.95

Sale Price CA$23.74

  • Frigidaire PAULTRA2 Refrigerator Air Filter (also referred to as PAULTRA-II) is designed to reduce commonly occurring refrigerator odors in fridges and freezers. 
  • Say goodbye to foul refrigerator odors.
  • PAULTRA2 - Replacement Cartridges contain a carbon activated air filter replacement that performs better than baking soda. 
  • Tool free installation!


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Product Details
Country of Manufacturing United States
Item Condition New
Brands Compatible Frigidaire
Dimensions (Approx.) 4" x 2" x 1/2"
Free Delivery Yes
Brand Frigidaire
UPC 012505464577
  • Frigidaire PAULTRA2 Carbon Activated Refrigerator Air Filter is a great way to keep your refrigerator smelling fresh! 
  • More efficient, effective, and convenient than using baking soda. 
  • PAULTRA2 is also referred to as: PAULTRA2, PAULTRA 2, PAULTRA II, PureAir Ultra II PS12364179, EAP12364179, AP6285787, 4582822

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Q: How often do Frigidaire PAULTRA2 Refrigerator Air Filters need to be replaced?
A: It is recommended you replace the filters every 6 months.

Fits Models

20462151B, 90462157B, DGHD2361TF0, DGHD2361TF1, DGHD2361TF2, DGHD2361TF3, EI33AR80WS0, FG4H2272UF, FGHB2868TD0, FGHB2868TD1, FGHB2868TD2, FGHB2868TD3, FGHB2868TD4, FGHB2868TD5, FGHB2868TD6, FGHB2868TD8, FGHB2868TE0, FGHB2868TE1, FGHB2868TE2, FGHB2868TE3, FGHB2868TE4, FGHB2868TE5, FGHB2868TF0, Read More FGHB2868TF1, FGHB2868TF2, FGHB2868TF3, FGHB2868TF4, FGHB2868TF5, FGHB2868TF6, FGHB2868TF7, FGHB2868TP0, FGHB2868TP1, FGHB2868TP2, FGHB2868TP3, FGHB2868TP4, FGHB2868TP5, FGHD2368TD0, FGHD2368TD1, FGHD2368TD2, FGHD2368TD3, FGHD2368TD4, FGHD2368TD5, FGHD2368TD6, FGHD2368TD7, FGHD2368TD8, FGHD2368TF0, FGHD2368TF1, FGHD2368TF2, FGHD2368TF3, FGHD2368TF4, FGHD2368TF5, FGHD2368TF6, FGHD2368TF7, FGHD2368TF8, FGHG2368TF0, FGHG2368TF1, FGHG2368TF2, FGHG2368TF3, FGHG2368TF4, FGHG2368TF5, FGHG2368TF6, FGHG2368TF8, FGHN2868TE1, FGHN2868TE2, FGHN2868TF0, FGHN2868TF1, FGHN2868TF2, FGHN2868TF3, FGHN2868TF4, FGHN2868TF5, FGHN2868TF6, FGHN2868TF8, FGHN2868TP2, FGHT2055VF1, FPBC2278UF1, FPBC2278UF3, FPBC2278UF4, FPBC2278UF5, FPBC2278UF7, FPBG2278UF1, FPBG2278UF2, FPBG2278UF3, FPBG2278UF4, FPBG2278UF5, FPBG2278UF6, FPBS2778UF1, FPBS2778UF3, FPBS2778UF4, FPBS2778UF5, FPBS2778UF6, FPBS2778UF7, FPBS2778UF8, FPBS2778UF9, FPFU19F8WF0, FPFU19F8WF2, FPFU19F8WF5, FPHT2097VF0, FPRU19F7WF0, FPRU19F8WF0, FPRU19F8WF1, FPRU19F8WF2, FPRU19F8WF3, FRFG1723AV, FRSS2623AD4, FRSS2623AS9, FRSS2623ASA, FRSS2623ASC, GRQC2255AF, GRQC2255BF0, GRSC2352AD0, GRSC2352AF0, GRSS2352AF0, GRSS2652AD0, GRSS2652AD1, GRSS2652AF0, GRSS2652AF1, GRSS2652AF2, LGHB2869TD0, LGHB2869TD1, LGHB2869TF0, LGHB2869TF1, LGHB2869TF3, LGHB2869TF4, LGHB2869TF5, LGHB2869TF6, LGHB2869TF7, LGHB2869TF8, LGHB2869TF9, LGHD2369TD0, LGHD2369TD2, LGHD2369TD3, LGHD2369TF0, LGHD2369TF1, LGHD2369TF2, LGHD2369TF3, LGHD2369TF4, LGHD2369TF5, LGHD2369TF6, LGHD2369TF7, LGHD2369TF8, PRMC2285AF


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