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GE FX12M OEM Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane Filter

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OEM GE Product

GE FX12M OEM Reverse Osmosis Replacement Membrane Filter reduces chlorine, cysts, lead, turbidity and 13 other contaminants.
This system has been tested for the treatment of water containing pentavalent arsenic at concentrations of 0.30 mg/L or less.
The filter replaces GXRM10RBL.

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Item Condition New
Brands Compatible GE

Arsenic Reduction: 97%
Barium Reduction: 96%
Cadmium Reduction: 97%
Chlorine Taste and Odor Reduction: 97%
Chromium III Reduction: 97%
Chromium VI Reduction: 96%
Copper Reduction: 98%
Cysts Reduction: 99.99%
Fluoride Reduction: 87%
Lead Reduction: 96%
Nickel Reduction: 99%
Nitrate Reduction: 88%
Nitrite Reduction: 85%
Radium Reduction: 96%
Selenium Reduction: 97%
TDS Reduction: 95%
Turbidity Reduction: 99%
Feed Water pH Limits: 4-10
Feed Water Pressure (psi): 40 Min-125 Max.
Feed Water Temperatur: 40-100 F
Filter Cartridge: Thin Film Polyamid
Filter Change Indicator: LED
NSF Particulate Reduction: Class I
Plumbing Connections: 1/4" Inlet - 3/8" Outlet
Unit Capacity: 900 Gallons
Shipping Weight: 1.0 lb
Net Weight: 1.0 lb
Overall Depth: 2.0 in
Overall Height: 12.0 in
Overall Width: 2.0 in

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