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DC47-00019A Dryer Heating Element for Samsung Dryers

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DC47-00019A Dryer Heating Element for Samsung Dryers is made of quality metal or stainless steel, that can be applied for a long time, longer and stronger heating wire give more heat resistant and it has longer service life than other replacements.
In case the dryer overheats the thermal fuse is designed to cut off power. If the thermal fuse blows, the dryer doesn't start. In case of the thermal fuse blow, it has to be replaced, can't be reset. Also replaces the following parts:

  • PS2038533
  • AP4201899
  • Maytag 35001247, WP35001247

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Country of Manufacturing China
Item Condition New
Brands Compatible Samsung
Brand Samsung
UPC 688580846203
Product Details
Country of Manufacturing China
Item Condition New
Brands Compatible Samsung
Brand Samsung

Samsung dryer heating element part# DC47-00019A. Comes with 5/16" male terminals.Replaces: PS2038533, AP4201899, 35001247 and WP35001247. Used on certain Samsung Dryers and some relatively older Whirlpool, Maytag and Kenmore dryers.

Videos / Instructions / FAQ

This is a quite easy to replace part on your dryer. Follow these step-by-step instructions shown on the video below to replace the Dryer Heating Element DC47-00019A

Fits Models

40289032010, 40289032011, 59269212, 59269222, 59269227, 59269336, 59289003, 59289006, 59289032, 59289045, 59289047, 59289052, 59289057, 59289075, 59289079, 59289082, 59289087, 592891020, 592891070, 592891080, 592891170, 592891180, 59289155, 59289157, 59289182, 59289247, 592893040, 592893080, 59289312, 59289322, 59289327, 59289355, 59289356, 59289357, 59289373, 59289374, 59289376, 59289412, 59289452, 59289457, 592895070, 592895090, 59289612, BED70B, BED70W, DV203AES, DV203AEW, DV206AES, DV206LEW, DV209AEW, DV210AES, DV210AEW, DV218AEB, DV218AES, DV218AEW, DV219AEB, DV219AEW, DV220AEW, DV221AEG, DV221AES, DV229AEG, DV231AEW, DV2C6BEW, DV306BEW, DV306LEW, DV316BEC, DV316BEW, DV316HEC, DV316LES, DV316LEW, DV317AEG, DV317AES, DV317AEW, DV328AEG, DV328AER, DV328AEW, DV330AEB, DV330AEW, DV331AER, DV331AEW, DV337AEG, DV337AEL, DV337AER, DV337AEW, DV338AEB, DV338AEW, DV339AEG, DV339AEL, DV339AER, DV339AES, DV339AEW, DV340AEG, DV340AER, DV350AEG, DV350AEP, DV350AER, DV350AEW, DV361EWBEWR, DV363EWBEUF, DV365ETBGSF, DV365ETBGWR, DV36J4000EW, DV393ETPARA, DV393ETPAWR, DV395ETPARA, DV395ETPASU, DV395ETPAWR, DV3C6BEW, DV400EWHDWR, DV405ETPAGR, DV405ETPASU, DV405ETPAWR, DV407AEW, DV409AER, DV409AEW, DV409SEL, DV40J3000EW, DV410AER, DV410AEW, DV419AES, DV419AEU, DV419AEW, DV422EWHDWR, DV428AEL, DV428AEW, DV42H5000EW, DV42H5200EF, DV42H5200EP, DV42H5200EW, DV42H5400EF, DV42H5400EW, DV431AEP, DV431AEW, DV433ETGJWR, DV438AEL, DV438AER, DV448AEE, DV448AEP, DV448AEW, DV456ETHDSU, DV456EWHDSU, DV456EWHDWR, DV45H7000EP, DV45H7000EW, DV45H7200EW, DV45H7400EP, DV476ETHASU, DV476ETHAWR, DV484ETHASU, DV484ETHAWR, DV48H7400EP, DV48H7400EW, DV501AEW, DV50F9A6EVW, DV50F9A7EVP, DV50F9A7EVW, DV50F9A8EVP, DV50F9A8EVW, DV5451AEP, DV5451AEW, DV5471AEP, DV5471AEW, DVE50M7450W, MDE6700AYW, MDE6700AZW, MDE9700AYM, MDE9700AYW, MDE9700AZM, MDE9700AZW, NED7200TW, YIED7200TW, YNED7200TW


PS2038533, AP4201899, 35001247, WP3500124