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LG - 5231JA2006A (LT600P) Refrigerator Water Filter

No Longer Available

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Recommended Replacement Frequency Every 6-months or 300 gallons
Country of Manufacturing Mexico
Item Condition New
Brands Compatible LG
Replaced by This item has been replaced with LG - 5231JA2006B (LT600P) Refrigerator Water Filter by the manufacturer.
Older version is No Longer Available
Brand LG
Availability Status No Longer Available
LG 5231JA2006A refrigerator filter (also know as LT600P) is designed to be used on most LG and Kenmore Bottom Freezer, French Door and Side by Side refrigerators.

It is usually located in the top left or top right portion of the fresh food section of your refrigerator and is horizontally mounted. It can be removed by twisting the "S"shaped knob counter-clock wise and pulling out.

5231JA2006A filter reduces chlorine taste & odor, sediment, rust, scale and lime from your ice and water.

For best performance it is recommended by LG that your filter should be replaced every 6 months or 300 gallons (~1100 lt.). These filters do not have an expiry date and can be used at a later time as long as they are not installed and exposed to water.

5231JA2006A is compatible with 5231JA2006B and 5231JA2006E

Following models are the most popular LG models that use this 5231JA2006A filter (LT600P):
  • GRF218JGMA
  • LFD21860ST
  • LFX21960ST
  • LFX25950SB
  • LFX25950SW
  • LFX25960SW
  • LFX25971ST
  • LFX25980ST
  • LMX25981SB
  • LMX25981ST
  • LMX25981SW
  • LRFD21855ST
  • LRFD22850SB
  • LRFD22850SW
  • LRFD22850TT
  • LRFD25850TT
  • LRSC26940SB
  • LRSC26940SW
  • LRSC26940TT
  • LSC27950ST
  • LSC27950SW
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