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Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter 46-9020

No Longer Available

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Recommended Replacement Frequency Every 6-months
Country of Manufacturing United States
Item Condition New
Brands Compatible Whirlpool
Kenmore Model # 9920, 9083, 9030, 9020, 46-9920, 46-9083, 46-9030, 46-9020
Brand Kenmore
Availability Status No Longer Available

46-9020 Kenmore filters are used on Kenmore branded bottom freezer and side-by-side refrigerators that have a push button release filter located on the grill on the lower left side of the refrigerator.

Kenmore Refrigerator Water Filter model# 46-9020 is discontinued. Kenmore refrigerators using this filter are manufactured by Whirlpool for Sears-Kenmore Brand.

To replace Kenmore Refrigerator filter 46-9020 you can use either Whirlpool OEM Filters EDR3RXD1B

Videos / Instructions / FAQ (click to view / hide)

Break it down step by step 

  • Locate your water filter cover on the left side of the refrigerator’s base grille. 
  • Push the eject button to release the filter. 
  • Pull the filter out and discard it. 
  • Open your new filter and remove the protective coverings from the O-rings. 
*Note: Be sure the O-rings are still in place after the cover has been removed. 

  • Place the filter cap on the new cartridge so the ridges align. 
  • Turn the cap clockwise to lock into place. 
  •  When inserting the new filter into the slot, make sure the arrow is pointing to the left. 
  • Push the filter in until the eject button pops back out. 
  • Once your filter is replaced, run four gallons of water through the line to properly flush the new filter.

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10656236401, 10656176501, 10656382501, 10655396401, 10656166501, 10655214400, 10655386400, 10656393501, 10657079600, 10656196501

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