Is Kenmore a manufacturer?

Kenmore brand is among the best known appliance brands in North America thanks to the success of model which had been one of the pinnacle of retail success stories pre-internet era. It was a well kept secret of Sears that Kenmore branded appliances are made by respectable appliance manufacturers such as Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire and LG. In terms of design, aesthetics and quality Kenmore branded products usually feature higher specifications offer by these manufacturers. As internet started to have more and more presence in our lives the demise of Department Store business model became inevitable.

Decline of Sears

Sears Canada which was the leading department store in Canada became the one which was most adversely affected from the rise of internet. Once being their main competitive advantage their costly infrastructure started to become a liability on their business model. Their efforts to compensate the high costs of running their business model made them make some poor short sighted decisions on their business model (such as increasing pricing, reducing service levels). These were not much appreciated by their customer base and put more gasoline on the fire and here we have a giant brand which is falling way short of meeting their customers' expectations on a daily basis leaving frustrated customers behind.

Kenmore Product Support and Service

As a Kenmore branded appliance owner you can easily feel this if you ever have an encounter with Sears service or parts departments. Lack of prompt response, excessive pricing on parts, lack of availability the OEM parts became their new trademark. So obviously Sears service and parts started to lag behind compared to the the quality and design of the appliances they sell.

How about Kenmore Water Filters?

When it comes to water you are drinking everyday depending on product built by a great quality aftermarket fridge filter is a good and cost effective alternative. Event better than this is using authentic OEM alternatives for Kenmore Filters which are built under the control of engineering teams of appliance manufacturers such as GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire and LG. Product and consumer safety is at the top of these manufacturers' priorities although it comes with a price premium.